Thursday, September 9, 2010


I just saw a bat was slept on my rooftop ceiling. Just knew that the way it sleep was so weird. Haha. (my mom thought it was a died rat)

Hello peeps. How was your day? ;)

So, it was my last choir practicing for this week and I am truly missing it. The truth fact is I've been promise to myself that I would never be a part among of this particular new choir team for some unknowing reason but when a friend of mine ordered me to go, I decided to tried it with a heavy hearted. I don't have any music soul inside my numb look and I'm on the point of quitting when I saw so many of new faces. But whenever I tried to sang, it caused me to feel encouraged to sing more. My level of spirit getting higher and I knew I have strong desire to achieve something that I truly love.

It's been almost 3 weeks now. And thanks for trusting me! Anyway, the competition getting close. We will perform 2 song which one of the song was created by my school music teacher. The song quite interesting and we salute him for his fully creativity. Composing a song is not an easy as we thought. You need a strong mentality and inspiration.

Oh yeah I think we getting more better each day. Haha. We will performing back on our assembly this tuesday. I just can't wait to revenge back=.=

 Thanks God for giving us such as beautiful and mangnificant view.

Damn!I havent study yet =.=

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