Saturday, August 21, 2010

youtube sensation

Hello. To fill in your music moody, takes your long live breath and follow this rules.

1. Stop prentending. Start dreaming.

2. If you still can't believe what you had just heard please press your mouse and click the replaying vid

3. If you get stuck and still showing your numb look you should eat the sweet pea=.=

4. and stop being rude.

5. Your heartbeat will stop beating immediately. I can't explained you anymore

Ok ok your music activating is on.

Introduce you Joseph Vincent! Hahahha So here the story goes. A few weeks ago after found out some of JS music in youtube, I asked my friend of mine, Hozana (she kept pushing me to include and put her name inside my blog haha=.=) to find me some ordinary male singer in youtube. I am bad in searching ok. The reason why I asking her help is because I found so interesting to hold and play the guitar. Ok stop pretending Melissa. Haha=.= So, mission was accomplished! But she's not gonna telling me where and how she find out those vid. Haha I am so curious now. Tamaha betul.

Anyways thanks to her. Finally someone steal my heart away and bring me to the real outburst of music. He has incredible, greatest, and stunning voices I ever heard in youtube. Haha I think everything he did for music was really good. The best part is he also composing. Have you heard a real famous singer sing live in TV? Some of their music is not fit into my taste at all. Yeah. Some got terrible and immature voices. Haha

Enjoy the vid. Find more in youtube and Facebook. I love the fun facts about JV lol

Oh anyways. This is the original song from JV lol

I miss blogging :)

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