Friday, August 27, 2010

Worst day

Something bad happened in my room recently......................

I have to brought a mop into my room.

I have to moved all my bantals on my study desk.

But the worst is.................

It was my second attempt.
 After the first one is failed.
The worst is I have to sent THAT FERN by tomorrow morning.
I lost my words
Its killing me.

It was because of this. The ceiling in my room was leaky because of the heavy rain. Make your own conclusion. LOL I am too upset to tell this. Tralalaa...=.='

and I fixed my ceiling a little bit to avoid more water to came.


Oh yeah. I found this at last.

I miss music lesson. I should try to apply music course in UITM.
But what would I be in future?
I am not gonna be a singer.
or gutarist. (bgs kunun pndi men)
or violinist.
or music teacher.
I just loves to learn the music.

This week has been one of the worst week ever in my whole life. Tell you tomorrow. I need to get sleep. Goodnite people.

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