Monday, August 30, 2010

How's my week going on



So how was your day readers? I'm feeling good today compare to other past days. To be honest the seven days ago officially my not so worst but not so cool week ever. I kept yelling, shouted and angry. The changes of my hormone started! Haha. So how was my days going on?

Monday : Not going to school because of some good things reason. Haha

Tuesday : Found out that we required to take part the choir competition between classes and we only have two days left. Again. Thousand of assignment to do. Stress button started.

Wednesday : CPU + MONITOR = Going hell. My room = Floody.

Thursday : Choir competition today! We decided to mixing up with Business class and it was worthy, priceless and precious participation. Last minute preparation. It was tiring day! x____________x

Friday-Saturday : My angry activation is on.

Sunday : Been asking to be translator for my grandfather for his appointment with Taiwanese Sinsang. What I afraid most was I admit that I don't speak chinese frequently and fluently. I only talk when I need a privacy with other people. Haha. But the important point here is I was glad and excited to help my grandfather. :D

Ok enough with those day. Let the future in.

Other side of my story.........................................................

YOYO woow I am so Sakai!

I found a lost cat in my classroom and feed him.

8r shirt :P


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