Sunday, July 4, 2010

The past collection

Form 2!
Found in my Friendster collection. Yeah. I still keep my Friendster account. Memory bha. Kalaw bukan Fs, sepa lah kita. Haha.
Again, Damn U Facecoverbook. Imissmycousin.

Look. How much I growing up now. Cliff bilang. Big girls don't cry. Tapi sepa juga mampu nda maw menangis dalam 1 tahun. Haha 18 is a big number you know. But, I felt like I was still a little kid who doesn't know everything is important to know. I means. I felt like last year I just wearing my form 2 baju kurung lol.

Form 3 ;) Look! Time flies so fast! Saya rasa macam baru kelmarin bergambar sama dorang nie taw.

Other pictures :

Form 4 :( Rindu nie munyit2 plus si amy.
Look at my baju kurung. Sempit sudah.

Munyit-munyit di kelas saya. Kecuali Si Ucha;D Haha

Munyit-munyit dalam koir :) The best part.

Form 5 ;) Munyit-munyit dalam kelas muzik.
Dua-dua bakal cikgu sudah. Jangan lah kamu buat muka garang.


Now :


Math T fucking HardT_T

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