Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Unplanned hangout with friends -cliff punya title-

I don't know what my destiny will be, but one things I do know is I rock the world.

I went out to KK with some of my buddies and having a great moment with them :D Even the food I ate today was not so cool but one thing is I only spent RM20 all the time. Akhirnya, nafsu itu dapat di controlkan. Watching clash of the titans making the story more interesting. For the whole time I managed to tahan my kencing only to watch how great and handsome Sam Worthington are. We need to do more and more guys :D Haha.

Dora, Oyoe, Cliff and Roy.. Thank for the nice trip arh. Next time kita mansaw-mansaw lagi :D  2 weeks to go.

How to gain weight arrh? I try mamam at the midnight but then my body still don't want to look fat :d


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