Sunday, April 4, 2010

Music moody

Now I felt so bored at home nowadays. I had nothing to do except practising my crap violin alone. I think my world end up so faster T_T. No story at all. I dont expect my day ending like this.

Tidak. Saya memerlukan sebuah cerita. Ok. Lets talk about my past year sebagai seorang pelajar bertauliah. Haha. Urm.. how I involved in music society in school. Actually it was not a society anymore when I came to this school because of 'somebody'. Bha apa macam juga kalau music nie every year won the best society in school. Bha tutup cerita. Just playing around.
My first ever instrument that I played in school was keyboard. Punya buruk. Every month we need to pay like 25 ringgit but the teaching punya tidak smat. Suda la datang lambat every practice then ajar pun mcm malas nie. Haha. Bayang kan bha the practice pukul 9 but then dia datang jam 11 !

When I was in form 3 pulak I played the violin. Haha. Lagi lar buruk. Kena bagi sheet music ja nie then belajar by yourself. The basic memang la kami kena teach. Like guitar juga la but more difficult because we need to put the head of violin in your chin or cheek. But anyway its fun though because I had played twice in Ochestra school ! Haha. Oh yeah Im happy too because I forgot to pay 50 ringgit which I hutang with Cikgu Mulon. Hahahaha kotoh =P

But the violin maniac stop when I was involving in school Choir in form 4. Its was really fun and I cant believe that Cikgu Menson would picked me as one of the team. Uina. Hampir 100 lebih yang mendaftar but only 30 of us would be chosen. But first at all we need to auditioning first in front of Mr Menson. Hantam ja la walaupun sora buruk. Hahaa. Yala..  When I first saw my name on the board I couldnt described how happy I am. This is what I really want since I came to this school. lol Macam Karangan Bi suda nie. Hahaa.. I like the way when we went to the practising until late evening and skipped the classes =P. Unfortunately because of my jadual so penuh then the Madam Jarisah terpaksa buang saya from Choral Speaking Team. T_T Punya sediy sa!! But its ok la as long as Mr Menson still keep me from his team. Haha. Syiokk la because banyak kena invite p buat koir. Haha. And our outfit pun smat nie. Hahaaaa.. !!!

But the choir was ended when I masuk form 5. Teda pelapis bha pa macam juga. Because all the senior suda jalan p cari mamam. Haha.. no bha. 90% of the members of choir were in form 5 and upper 6 bha. So, they finished their school already la. But fortunately for me Mr menson got another plan with this music classes which organized new tradisional music team in school. Ok suda lama bha tue but baru last year aktif kan. Haha. Mr menson also had composed a few song to us. One of the song was Ritma betari SMK Tamparuli ka law x silap tue. Haha. I think the most exciting part was when we had invitation to played music in some places la. Haha. I miss when every time we went to practising and share some funny moments T_T. Though I think this was the best part of my life time student in school. I miss Gamelan Team. I miss all the places. I miss when we carrying up the heavy tools in bus. Hahaaa.... punya la. Thank to Mr Menson who gave a lot of opportunity with me to be involved in music part and being one of the person who inspires me a lot in music. Aisehh.. haha.. bangga la c menson tue. I hope the 'C' can managed to reply all your goodness arh sir. Hehehe ~~

Theres a lot of pictures actually but malas moe upload and I think semua pun meluat moe tgk gmbr yang ulang2 nie kena kc tayang. Haha.=.= Music is enough for a lifetime but a lifetime is not enough for music. All I can say is Music is part of my life now. Because when people hear music, it makes them homesick that they never had, and never will have =). Goodnite peeps.

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