Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alice dalam Wonderland

So,, March I thought was the 'hang out' genre for this month. Pa x Jalan ja kerja sa nie. Haha. 1 week tue msti ada 3 or 4 times sa out dri ruma. X penah sticked d ruma. Haha. Im miss this moment already. Nyway, ary nie sa p Toran kijap jumpa c anu. Hahaaa.. Yala. windu jua ma dia== but I don't wanna talk about it at all. Thats not the main point of my posting today. Petang tue c Vero sms sa Moe bwa p tgk wayang alice so saya pun ambil kesempitan dalam kesempatan;P ckp YES!. haha.. But brfore that kawan dulu c Vero p medical check up di Klinik Tamparuli. Miss u already==. Then kira2 pukul 4 begitu kmi meluru terus ke KK(cp) la terussssss p beli tiket . By day way, it was so worth it. From the hat hatter to Alice dresses which was really cool dress and everyone just decked out in Alice gear. Great job to Tim Burton. Owh, Im hoping to see the another genre of this movie. And Im super excited to saw Johnny Depp on this film. ~ ~ The main reason Im sitting at the cinema and let my eyes pop out sampai terkeluar biji mata saya.. ;P

I <3 Hatter;P

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