Sunday, December 27, 2009

Santa Clause is coming into my bed and give me a gudnite sllep in my cheeks =P

Merry Xmas =).
I hope its not too late to saying those words. Nway, I have wonderful time in Xmas day with my family though I was not really in the mood or feel the spirit this year. We went makan-makan on that day in !b.. and the food were really nice to eat. Hahaha. I got myself sweet n sour fish fillet which the taste I cannot described here. Oh yeah, I spent most of my money in wallet in watson. =.= I am now crazy about all the stuff called beauty product that can make ur face or hair or watever look more preety than usual. Ok, I think I really got the culture shock things on mag and I need to switch off the tv right now. Nway. I got a lot of pimples nowdays and I really worried about that.... How I suppose to meet the 'guy' in my dreamt with those pimples and redness all over the faces.?? Haha.. Enough with that.. I thnk my eyes gonna pop out.. gonna sleep now.. tomorrow is the new day. Cannot sabar to meet my kawan tomoroow.. haha.. sorry for the short post.. Muuaahh ... Gudnite peeps..

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