Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Peace kacang pis

with sisis

It almost midnight. But here I am trying to update my blog with half awake. So, I was in my Tamparuli home just now means that saya baru balik bha nie dari kampung. wtf. Anyway, I have good and very indulged time at my kampung in the past days before but I was not too happy like Leona Lewis latest song title at all. We got stucked couple of hours in Kota Marudu because of tayar pancit or tayar nipis on our not so glamourous car and finally the car was stop to sedentary.. But, I am not gonna tell the whole story on how we finally succeed arrived at my kampong. T____T But the bitter half day was finally recoverd by our beautiful homis/home in kampung. I felt relieved like all the pain is gone like forever. Thanks to my akie who gave so much energy to built this home to us. I love u akie! But another pain comes out. My cousin will having her wedding day beside our homis and I know I need to lift a finger to help them. But I am too shy to come out from my homis (malas bha) so I guyang kaki at the sofa while my eyes keep staring the tv without any emphaty feeling inside my broken heart. Then, the annoying cousing emerged in our homis window and staring both of my eyes and shouting on me "oii, p tulung bha kamu sna" and I reply her service messanging or whatever wtf " sini bha kita tinguk tb.. syuk nie" without any feeling inside my stomach. Hahaha stupid me. Pity them got cousin like me. I felt regret nyway because from the moment I never tunjuk my numb fece outside the homis and I can tell you that how much boring I am inside the homis like stracker. When night comes out, orang kampung here came to helping to prepared the wedding day. I can heard the way their putung the ayam, sapi, u name it but no babi la and the offensive odours started to masuk in my nostril. The kids were running away, the old man kesyukan playing the agungs, and me here become extinct every single minute. But nway my cousin choosing me to be her 'Pengapit' on the next day. I felt weird because I was not too close to her since she's like to saying bad words about me , my mumm.. uppss sorry hope she's not read this. But nyway I was on the top of the world because I finally got to know how was my face been make up. Hahaa.. I felt preetyy.. yes preetyy=) and I the picture above this post is actually when my face fill in makeup. Haha. Thanks to the Mak Andam. (Menguap suda) I felt so slllleeeppyy... and worried about one of my dog here do not eat at all. Ok laa.. see you in next post. I wannaaaa sllleeeepp till midday. Doi, konon.. nway merry Xmas eve peeps. OXOX

p/s : sorry for the broken english and grammar mistake =) I am still learning.

Feel free to critics..

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