Thursday, January 30, 2014

experience versus good grades

Aloha everyone! Happy Chinese New Year! Gong xi fat chai! How is everyone doing right now?

As I wrote this, I am now in the middle of confusing whether to pursue my degree on this coming March or continue my everyday job. Thank God for the golden opportunity! What is on my mind right now? To be honest, I do want to pursue my studies but at the same time I want to collect as much as possible this working experience. If I continue my work, I do have another time to pursue my studies on September intake. Speak about work or permenant work, you might think it is easy to find job after graduating. Nope. It is not so easy. If you want to work with gov, you have to applying it from spa. You have to wait and wait and wait until your name been listed to call for interview. The best option is to work with small company first then learn from the bottom. But it doesn't mean that it is easy for you to find a job. Believe me. I had been through this. I went out to interviewed for five times in row. Most of them require experience and good skills compare to good grades. We have to compete with thousands of other graduating student. All you need is just don't give up. Show your skills. Be confident. Be humble. Be patient. Accept failure and learn it. And prays. :) Anyway after all, I need to make a decision .

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