Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Hello guys.

yes. Its been way too long since my last updated in this blog. Kind to forget about blogging. But just after I created our own online retail store blog, I remembered I got my own too. ;) Yet its been too long since my last post. I miss it. Every single word here was close to me. After all, this blog gave me a thousand of memories.

anyway, diploma season had ended. waiting for result now. fyi, I wrote a lot of my diploma experience from beginning but lost my word in the middle of this semester. I felt like there is no more story to tell and write here. But, there's a lot. A LOT. Speak about my last semester, I really missed it ;') This journey had taught me a lot. To be strong. Keep in faith to God. Be happy. and not complaint much. Thank you Diploma. Bachelor, I hope to see you soon. Amen.

some photos :)

class trip in Kundasang, Ranau :)

Celebrating Syawal with Faculty :)

Diskusi with Juniors :)

So much to say, so much to remember. Thats all. :)

p / s : Bday coming soon :D

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