Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hello March

I love how my hair look likes.

Hello. Its me. So long since my last updated. So many things happened this few months. and I never had a time to complete an entry but this time I want to make it sweet because I'm so stressful to do all things. My last 3 paper is killing me. Costing, Account, Law!! urggghh.. I hate Law. I don't know what did account related to these things. but student must learn. I know. student have to learn new things -.-

sinyum paksa nie. 
anyway, yes.. I just graduated from brassband. Haha. and this was my last day of brassband.. we had this thingy.. what called hurm.. marching band performance.. I think we did a great job but our coach said we destroyed that music. Haha. 

and now I can focus on things that I like :)

one of it.. is..

anyway, one more story that I love to write here is our TAC family day. Tac stand for the accountancy student which I never thought that I'm gonna learn this thing. It went success. :) Thanks God. 

but now.. another thing came. and I have to decide. But God knows the best :)

p/s : I hope I did well on my examination. 

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