Monday, August 29, 2011

pray, cries and smile

I just love being me. I don't care how medium or unpretty or else I am. I just need to be myself. But sometimes I feels like I need doing something very big and unusual. and sometimes I try to force myself doing something that I shouldn't take it. Its beyond from my expectations. 

I should give a space and limit for myself. and shout : Hye. I can do that. But I shouldn't take that. Because I'm free of winning and losing. 

and just walk away from the delusion. But when obstacles appear, I convince to myself that I can break down the wall. No matter how tough or difficult or serious the wall is, I'll never giving up. But sometimes I just can take it anymore :'( I feels like there is something heavy behind my back. I pray to God. I cries. and I smile :) 

and How is your feel if something that you really need and you put so many effort to get it but at the end of the journey, you lose. you crash. you fail to get it. It sucks. really sucks :(
and you cries over your pillow. But we need to remember, we do not always get what we wants. and God always know what is the best for us. It is important to have a strong faith with God. He knows everything. 

I know there is something good behind the bad things. God is our savior. He loves us. So when bad things happen, pray, cries and smile :) We can do that!

sorry for grammar errors. the truth is I hate GRAMMARS :(

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