Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Hye guys.

Last month was a little bit clumsy and hectic. There are a lots of things that I've been doing for the past few days and weeks and I even forget a few 'things' on that particular thing. Haha. anyway, class is is ok. But you know I haven't found my best track to study properly. please don't be. I need to achieve something precious in life. and I hate when I keep thinking for the same guy and that is probably gonna ruin my daily life. wth Maybe I need some flavor to eliminate some memories that I shouldn't keep. So, I had a weird dreamed a few weeks ago. I've been playing rugby for the squad and I can tell you that how proud I am as a woman. But that was only a dream.  So by tomorrow morning.. I made my dream came true. Haha. But I can tell you that its hard to be with your senior if you don't have a good communication with them. I mean they are seniors. and I am only an ordinary student and be able to came with a good spirit. I am motivated to do this. The only things is I can't broke down the wall. But I believe that when you have the encouragement by yourself, do what you wanna do even you are not be able to break the wall. Satisfaction is yours.

soon you'll have it :)

p/s : Vampire diaries's soundtrack. I love it.

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