Sunday, June 19, 2011

hye sunday

Hye guys.

Sorry for my lacking updating. I'm just so busy for making myself more comfortable with the new environment here. and Yes. I'm in a sick mood a few days ago. The weather were too cold. The wind blew so strong. anyway, I am more better for now. Thanks God.

So, last week we were called by the ministry of information and culture to perform the Sumazau and other ethnic dance for Tadau Kaamatan festival in Padang Merdeka here. I was like.. woowww really. We gonna be in TV! But then I realized that we were not the main headlines to be in public viewer. We just... urrrhhh.. what more can't I say. Hahaha. But hye.. it was a good opportunity to be involved with such a big organizing. I can saw how they were collaborated each other to made the whole events on the top of the world. The best part for having this ceremony is the rehearsal. I saw some of the Malaysian singer came together to be involved with the rehearsal. Even Hazami took our picture on that day :B Hahahaha. Saya sakai bah nie... mantad kampung bogia :P

Ok I'll end up my writing tonight with some uncoolest pictures on that day. Hurm... no. will uploading it tomorrow night. X)

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