Wednesday, May 4, 2011

its all about AI

I am actually didn't know what I'm gonna posting here. for sure, I'm not gonna write about my campus life .. enough is enough. But I think I need to uploading all of the pictures belong to me and my friends so that the memories always keep in heart. facebook is not enough. Haha. anywhere, I think I'm gonna speak about random topic here. what else .. its american idol fever. but I don't think that the fever are strong enough to make people dizzy here. haha.

stefano langone. my very early favorite. unfortunately, he got eliminated in the week of .. hurm.. 7? full packaged  

and then come Casey Abrams. he looks old but surprisingly he was born on 1991 which is a year older than me. what is the unique things about casey was he could bring you different genre of music. jazz, alternatif rock, pop.. u name it. anywhere, he got eliminated in last week of AI. Hurmmm..



the remaining women in the AI. Hurm.. which one is more better than the other one? Both are so goodddd enough to be in this industry. but I think Haley got a little bit melodious and husky wet voices. 



bha. this is the most favorite contestant for american idol season 10. which one of them will be taking the first spot? country or alternatif rock? anywhere, james's voice are more likely to be the next adam lambert . don't worry, he's straight.

ok, thats enough. Good night then XP *ketara mengantuk bha lol

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