Friday, May 27, 2011

Cool me down

Hye guys.

Its been a while since my last updated and I keep saying the same verses here. Perhaps. I've been looking the right time to updating my blog but seems like I didn't manage to handle the time. So, I was so trilled in the past few days. My parents and I flew out to the Sandakan city on Tuesday and this is the first time I stand my feet on that city. I was supposed to be happy, chill and enjoying myself at that moment with my parents but I can't feel the same way. I just felt so nervous and fear about my upcoming result that will be releasing by tomorrow. I can't stop thinking about it. What if I can't manage to get good grade? What if I have to repeat the certain subject? The exactly same questions were spinning into my head for every single minute. I can't sleep. I do not have the appetite to eat. Somehow I felt so regret to be here with my parents. =.= (why I have shallow thoughts) But I realized that I can't continue to act like this. I have to controlling myself. But I really didn't have a great time in Sandakan and now I am really regret it. I even didn't bought anything. S***

anyway, we came back to home around 4pm. I have to stop this feeling and I grab my laptop.. switch on the wireless home... loading... loading... windows stater appeared... pressed on my password....... loading again.... take a deep breath........ screen saver appeared next... click on google... student portal..... my parents sit on the sofa trying to calm me down..... stomachache attacked me......... log in........ see my result appeared.......and then the real result came out. ........................... the first thing that I saw is my total grade for 1st semester and DEAN LIST................. wait a minute what is dean list means?.......... ..........but I didn't care because for the first time in my life I can screaming like no one wanted to hear that and I hug my parents so tightly.... Thanks God. All the painful were paid. All I can says is I managed to get excellent result for myself, family and God. I'll never gonna be on top without God and my family. But I know I need to put more effort for the next road and the journey will not be ended until I grab the real certificate on my hand.

anyway, congratulation to all my friends and myself. the journey is still waiting for us to finish the line. I am so grateful and thankful to God, my family, friends and myself. God have been given me the strength to facing the obstacle surround me. and I hope I'll never forget the way I am. seems like I'm going back to UiTM real soon.

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