Saturday, March 12, 2011

1 week later

Its been.. urm.. 1 week I think for not updating this blog. Hehe. I am so freaking busy for now and later and soon. and how many times I keep saying busy in this blog? =.= Anyway, today my BEL lecturer and classmate went out to Pulau Mamutik for scuba diving and the rest were doing their part on the beach. haha and I'm not going. Yes.. they made the rest of us get so jealous . Haha. Lalala.. and I'm sure they would showing us more pictures on monday :/ But I'm glad that they had a safety journey all the freaking hours in the island. as we know Tsunami were attacking Japan now. My deepest condolence to the people in Japan :( Keep our faith on God. 

Ok ok I need to sleep right now. Tomorrow will be tiring day. I would be joining futsal with DIAs part 1. Yeah go alice go alice :D

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