Thursday, February 10, 2011


We're not hyper. We just wanted to release the tense.

Hye guys.

So, its been 3 days since my last sunday updated. The campus life made me forgeting about anything related to entertainment now. I guess I get to used of it. The only problem is my babydoll laptop. No. Laptop is important. Really.

I didn't have any story yet. Enough of my campus story. Oh yeah.. we having our first 'kawad' training for faculty last tuesday until this night. The worst part for having this practising is I can't attend for my gamelan workshop :( I really wanted to be part of the team. But time still clocking around and I know I have another time to attending the workshop soon.

Anyway, our first common test will be on weekend by the end of this month. I hateeeee it! But still I need to focus on my studies. Looking forward to get 3.5 pointer above. Hahaha!! Seriously, I really need that.

:) God bless! Will be blog at midnight.

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