Thursday, February 17, 2011


seriously Im doing my math revision for the quiz before going to attended this 'pecah tanah' thingy.

Hye guys!

Wow.. its been a really long time for not updating this blog. Like I said before, the schedule here is so hectic. We've to attending three of modul this week and I can only going back to home on Saturday :( The worst is the common test will be held on the next weekend. Being a part 1 student is not an easiest thing to do.Seriously man.   Did you know that every night I've to attend this faculty marching for our supermints competition next month.... Honestly, I'm not doing revision yet for my common test. But I believe that I could make it and I'm grateful that God and my family always behind my back. Anyway, will upload some of pictures and video soon. Lots of activities we've been doing for these past days. :D hahaha..

God bless us :)

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