Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sweet suprise

Hye guys! Waddup?!

So, have been waiting for so long to get my blog spirit back. I've so many of story to write in here but after login into my blog account there is no words came to my mind. Anyway, mid term break is here! I'm so excited but hye there's a lot of assignment need to be done and I have to avoid a bit of fun outhere.

There's one sweet story I wanted to share with you. Last Tuesday, my parents came to met me in campus.We having our first faculty meeting with the other part students of accountancy here. I couldn't reach my voice to get out from the place for a while. It took 1 hour and half to be finished and after that I took my bag away and run as I could to met them. Guess what, my mom sitting in front of the Pusat Akademik to met me there. Then we walked together through the parking lot and meet my father there. Soon as we're arrived, I felt something strange from them. I opened the door car and soon I know what's really going on to my parents. They bought me a new laptop :') My tears are falling out. Ya bhaaa. I'm shocked and speechless for that kind of sweet suprise. I didn't know what else to says for both of my parents for giving me such a wonderful and important gift to me. They were both my inspiration and I'm regret for being a stubborn sometimes for them. Haha!!

Mom and Dad, I'll be on top for the sake both of you and thus making you proud of me :) Thank you so much.
Until now, I'm still couldn't believe it.

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