Monday, October 11, 2010

Hello October :)

Hello Peeps.

First of all, Happy october to you! Suppose to blog frequently but my Computer still giving the same problem. Anyway, there are lots of story to tell you but I have to keep my time wisely. Hahahaha.

Ok I just posted a new pictures of mine.

Happy belated birthday to one of my bestie forever :)


KK with my friends. Usually I didnt bring any of my important document such as my IC to KK and for a sudden we had our first spotcheck in kbox last week. SCARY LIKE MOVIE! Haha.

Kolokuim thang... Lalalala.. no need to describe here. Hahaha

So guys I have my first interview in Shah Alam for music thing. Luckily, for sabah/sarawak we can send up our audition tape without actually being in a real one. I have to keep my mouth shut for my mom because she's doesnt gave me green light at all. But this is all about my passioning. I would take the chance what matter what the real obstacle comes in. Thanks Lord, family and friends~

12 days left!!!!!!!

Goodbye for now :)

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