Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We've made into Top 5!

Hye peeps.

So the choir competition is on. The bad part is there were a lot of talented choir team were competed today. But the very best part of this whole story is we managed to be in final round tomorrow morning!!! Yeah. super excited!!!! I can't believe. We were the first team been called. That's super awesome feeling. Haha. The other team are SMK St.Joseph, SM Convent, SM taman tuan fuad and Chords of hope(sass's choir team). Two things is I seen a lot of choir team broke the rules and most of the team did some action compare to emphasize the expression. Anyway, there are a lot of story, pictures and video to share with you but I can't be online for a longer minute. Will be continue tomorrow.

All the best for my teammates and I.

p/s : I missed the moment when SMK Tamparuli been called to be in final round and we immediately shouted for the happiness. It was fantastic moment to have.

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