Monday, August 9, 2010

Lock the memory

The quote says if you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.  The reason why I need to lock my childhood storage so that I would not easily become old folks. Haha Time flies so fast. I can't imagine what would I be in the next 10 years. I spent my whole life in paddy field, Chinese school and sweet bitter home Tamparuli. Great to be born with the country mode in your mind.

So here the story goes. We need to catch another 20 different species of insect for the bio experiment. Catch an insect is not easy as you think. We only managed to found 5 small insects in Bukit Perahu last week. Unbelievable. What kind of forest in Bukit Perahu had? =.=

In other case we were so awestricken and stunned looking at the product belong to some of the last time student where they succeed to found many of variable and booming insect and put it into the box. I never saw grasshopper with a fat stomach and big head in my whole life. I am bad example. What kind of food did the grasshopper ate?

We decided to choose Kionsom area to hunt and find the insects. But the searching came with a frustrating result! We only found a small of pretty butterfly but Hana's side they got two different species of insects! T_T But we were lucky to met a friend of my mother where she willing to help us catch some of insect that can be find only in her house. Did the insects too afraid to come out to see us because they knowing that they gonna be a prey soon ?

 My mother and her family used to live this house:D

Stolen some of my Rambutan :P 

First time seeing this house 

 The super aunty:)


This place remind me of my childhood memories. When you finally go back to your hometown, you find it wasn't the old home you missed but your childhood. Childhood is a short season. Nothing is more memorable than my childhood but let the future in and kept the past in the memory. I am so grateful to be born as a country girl.  Thank God.

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