Friday, August 6, 2010

Bukit Perahu

Hello blogwalkers.

A few days ago, my classmate suggested that we should go out or in other case climb the Bukit Perahu which is located in my sweet bitter hometown, Tamparuli. At the same time, for the second time we need to catch another 25 different species of insects for Bio experiment. Another killing in progress lol. So, we decided to choose Thursday as our climbing journey. The weather is on our side as it is not raining so it was suitable timing to go for a climb :P

I was sooo exhausted!! I kept falling and stopped on the way to the top. The weather was so hot so I decided to wear umbrella lol. I was left behind by my other friends. Haha I can't stand and keep giving up but the advices and motivation from my friends I am finally at the top of the hill :D :D Thanks to GOD and FRIENDS. In the bottom of my heart I thought I was so annoying for them because I kept saying I can't do it lol

The pictures we took yesterday was the best shoot ever. The view is so magnificant!!!!


All the pictures above is non-edited :D Haha. Oh yeah, a few month ago this place was been used for the world paragliding. So excited lol Yeahhhh I am proud to be Tamparulian hahahahhaha

This is what happen if you are trying to wear tracksuit :P
Wear Jeans like Hana did

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  1. hello all gadis dari sabah mcm cantik bukit berahu ... okya


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