Saturday, July 10, 2010



I know it was too late saying a BIGgest CONGRATULATIONS to


Puyol became the hero. But Villa still the real hero for spanish ppls. Scoring 5 goals is not easy for some player. Messi, Torres, Ronaldo and Ronney even can't score 1 goal. Big name always give poor quality oh. And I hates some people said that spain won that match because of luck. Fark la. Kalau kala kala la bha. Memang jerman nda kuat pun lawan sma spain ;|. Peolpe asked me. Why do I like spain? The reason is :

1. Never win wc.
2. Great plus good looking players. Fabregas one of them.
3. Hitler from Germany.
4. Germany former wcC.
5. The Paul Octopus says spain would be the champion :D Haha Even great player from other team also saying that
6. Bye bye for Netherlands.

I do like Holland because they have Persie which I adore much much much plus never win wc too but some of their player I really dislike. Like Robben. Euuww. Pura-pura kesakitan kejatuhan kunun. But best of luck for both of team. The best will win among the best bha kan.

So, what am I doing lately? Watch eclipse? No. I havent:( Yeah. macam besa. Jadi budak pre U. But I do like it. lalalaa.. Call me nerdy.


The other side of my story.

Fernando Muslera:)

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