Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Remember him? Yeah. Of coz we did. Anoop Desai from AI season 8. Haha. Watched this repeated show last sunday and saw anoop was sang the britney's song. Forgot the title but I thought its too kinda hot to sing.  Anyways I found lots of interesting fact about him. He's Indian! Yeah. The second Indian compete in AI after Sanjaya did a few years ago. He is 6 feets. Freaking taller than me. Hahaha

Came in shorts and flip-flops was a bit risky for him. But like always I did like it. Yeah. Simon says anoop looked like just came from a meeting with Bill Gates lol. 

Anyways, I found out that Anoop was performed with the Clef Hangers at the UNC. Clef Hangers stand for male a capella group and he was the lead singer which is interesting to hear.




My favourite so far :D I loves the Brian mcknight' song the most. Anyways you can find it more in you tube. Oh I loves acapellanoop~

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