Monday, March 29, 2010

Karnival Mara

Hi.. Hello..

Again sorry for the late updating. Im so depressed lately. Maybe it was because of my hormone changing. (=.=) Oh yeah, I miss my friend who were going to war in NS last saturday. I miss Vero, brenda, mitoy.. hahahaa.. kunu.. and someone who took my heart away ~~~~~~ I miss him ;( as a fren. Ok let's just move on to the new chapter. Thinking about my direction to further my studies making my head blast off. Haha=.= My mum kept asking me to be a Teacher but that is not my kesukaan at all! Even the counsellar also saying that I was suitable doing a social life  such that doing a business with other people. Haha.. Yeahh... saya suka sangat berbisnes2 dengan anda! Ok.. my point here I want to take 1 year foundation of business management and take degree after that. Ok kah? Second choice just take Diploma in Business management In UITM or other IPTa/s. Or mayby I should take Diploma of Science or civil engeneering. Nooooooo... I would not be involve with science anymore. Enough with my school year. Hahaa.. But if terpaksa.. naaa.. just take it=.= Talking about all these stuff, last thursday me myself, Vero and Nel had attendant the KARNIVAL MARA which was held in Sabah Trade Center. Hahaa.. syokkk man ~~ Got a lot of free stuff .. pen, plastic bag and of coz the risalah! We also did won the UMS quiz. Hahaaa.. so much fun. a lot of IPTa/s were doing their roadshow... and we also had filled a lot of form. Haha. Sengaja bha =.=

Naa.. look at us. We got a lof of free stuff man. The cover from the plastic bag also nice nie. Haha.. so you make the wrong decision if u not attending the karnival next year. Tidak la sia2 sa memaksa dad sa hantar kmi sna =.=. Bha cukup la itu. Nanti tmbh kmu jeles sna.. Haha !!

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