Saturday, March 20, 2010

Education Fair

So, me and the gangs went out to the city to see the edu fair in Le meridien hotel. Vero's super awesome dad had brought us to mamam Mc'Ds before sending us at the 5 star hotel. Unfortunately the event was held yesterday and we were panic for a while. Actually I seen the signboard before but I was too afraid to telling them. I'm sorry guys!


But then I remembered that my mom kept talking about another notice of education fair which being held in SESB Karamunsing. So, we decided to kept our gold time and just go for it. Then we realized that Karamunsing is far behind the Le meridien. (=.=') Again panic attacked us. Vero decided to walked away but the weather was too hot and we do not know what was the shortest cut to go there. Fortunately, I got an idea. A cab was a good solution to solve the problem. Haha. Yeah, we finally arrived there. So excited :D

The pictures of us.

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