Thursday, December 17, 2009

The beginning

Hellow Peeps.

I don't how to be a blogger but I know how to blog.

I created this blog not to having a fun. But to try a new thing that I never touch before.

Friendster is done but keep login. Twitter is created. Facebook keeps my eyes open. Maybe I should try to be a Blogger today. Haha.

Melissa. Call me obutz. I grew up in small city called Tamparuli. This is my place. Where Im sharing the laughness, sadness, happiness, U name it.. with everyone who knows me better than I am. I am school leavers and try to making a money as soon as possible. Ok, Ill introduce more about me later,, who give me influnced .. bla bla blaa... LOl. Im over typing....

I know for sure no one would ever reads my blog as I dont have any friends who get interest to follow my step. But Im sure one day I would be the best blogger over xiaxue, kenny sia u name it ever.. Hahaha.. OK see U in my next Chapter.

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